The outdoor pool season is over.

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Freibad Kallebad
Wörther-See-Straße 14
65187 Wiesbaden

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Accessibility by public transport:
Bus lines 15 & 39 to Wörther-See-Straße; bus line 5 to Kallebad (Saarstraße).

What we have to offer…

The Kallebad outdoor pool is the perfect place for bathing with lots of attractions and spacious facilities. You can explore 2,614 m² of water in the following pools:

Swimmers’ pool

  • Size: 50 x 21 m
  • Area: 1,050 m²
  • 8 swimming lanes (50 m each)
  • Depth: 1.40 m to 2 m

Diving bay

  • Size: 12 x 11 m
  • Area: 132 m²
  • Diving boards: 3 m board and 1 m board
  • Depth: 3.80 m

Non-swimmers’ pool

  • Size:  43 x 24 m
  • Area: 1,032 m²
  • Apparatus: wide water slide
  • Depth:  60 cm to 1.35 m

Water playing area for families and toddlers

  • The pool edge, water surface and stepping stones cover 500 m²
  • Area: 112 m²
  • Apparatus: paddling pool, water mushroom, elephant slide, Archimedean spiral, stepping stones, water wheel, dam, floor fountains for interactive games, small slide, and more…
  • Depth: max. 40 cm
  • Four large parasols provide sufficient UV protection.

Kallebad outdoor pool also features a lawn with around 30,000 m² of space, a family playing area in the water with a sludge playground and lots more interesting equipment, courts for badminton, basketball, beach volleyball (2), fun ball (2) and table tennis, a sunbathing area for nudist bathers, a sun deck and a swimming pool restaurant with a nice terrace.