Rettbergsaue – Biebrich and Schierstein

Season starts on 21 April. Please read the notice regarding the timetable and last departure of the “Tamara” ferry. You will not be able to leave the grounds once the ferry has completed its final journey.

Tamara forms a link between the Rettbergsaue island and the banks of the Rhine. The ferry stops at the Rhine landing in Biebrich and at Schierstein port.

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Accessibility by public transport:
Bus lines 4, 14, 9, 38 & 39 to the Rhine landing in Biebrich, then continue on the Tamara ferry.

    An easy-going, idyllic island in the middle of the Rhine…

    Even the journey to the Rettbergsaue island on the “Tamara” ferry from the banks of the Rhine in Biebrich or the port in Schierstein makes the summer trip a special experience for people of all ages. And once you arrive, you immediately get that true island feeling.

    The Rettbergsaue island has various camping sites and extends over an area that is part of the districts of Biebrich and Schierstein. It measures 68 ha in size, 3 km in length and around 300 m at its widest point.


    90% of the Rettbergsaue island is a protected nature reserve due to its rich variety of plants and birds. The remaining areas have been used as non-commercial spaces for leisure and recreation over the past few decades. Visitors are almost whisked away to a seaside holiday. There’s no traffic and dogs aren’t allowed either, which makes the island and its white sandy beaches the perfect location for parents with children. The Rettbergsaue island is also the ideal setting for camping enthusiasts.

    The island cannot be accessed via the Schierstein Bridge at the moment; the route from Rettbergsaue Biebrich to Schierstein is also closed. However, the local passenger ferry (“Tamara”) has extended its operating hours to overcome the restricted accessibility of the area.

    Treat yourself to a little summer holiday:

    • Basketball courts
    • Volleyball
    • Badminton
    • Table tennis
    • XL outdoor chess
    • Outdoor bowling alley
    • Children’s playground
    • Amateur football pitch with goals
    • 6 barbecue areas (disposable barbecues are not allowed!)
    • Restaurant „Inselcafe“ (phone 0152-02703222)

    Changes in since 2015

    Due to the construction of the new Schierstein Rhine bridge (A643), there will be considerable restrictions in the accessibility of the leisure facilities on the Rettbergsaue:

    • The recreation grounds can only be reached with the “Tamara” passenger ferry.
    • You will not be able to leave the grounds once the ferry has completed its final journey.
    • The stairs from the Schierstein Bridge to the Rettbergsaue island are closed.
    • As the path between the Rettbergsaue Biebrich and Rettbergsaue Schierstein leisure facilities is closed, you should decide which of the two facilities you would like to visit before travelling on the ferry.
    • The passenger ferry has extended its timetable to overcome the restrictions mentioned above.


    • In April and May and after the summer holidays in Hesse, camping on the meadow is only permitted from Fridays to Sundays (except on public holidays).
    • From June to the start of the summer holidays in Hesse, the maximum length of stay is five days.
    • There are no camping restrictions during the summer holidays in Hesse.
    • All campers must register by phone at least three days in advance. Basically, all tent guests must register at least three days in advance by mail at
    • All campers must report to the on-site staff during the main opening hours on the day of arrival – and by 7:30 pm at the latest – presenting a valid passport, ID card or student ID.
    • Young people (including groups) under the age of 16 may only use the camping facilities with an accompanying parent or guardian.
    • Young people aged 16 to 18 must provide a declaration of consent from their parents.
    • Large groups of young people will only be admitted if adequate supervision can be ensured by responsible adults.
    • The grounds are not monitored at night.
    • All campers, especially those supervising groups of young people, are responsible for complying with the house rules.