Monday to Sunday 10 am – 10 pm.
Tuesdays are women’s day.
Admission is allowed only from the age of 16.

The ticket office closes one hour and the sauna closes 30 minutes before the end of opening hours.

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Booking (Monday – Thursday)

Booking (Friday – Sunday & holidays)

Langgasse 38 – 40
65183 Wiesbaden

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Accessibility by public transport:
Bus lines 1 & 8 to Webergasse.

The great extras you should treat yourself to…

The exclusive range of services at the bathing palace is rounded off with selected spa treatments, such as massages and soft packs, to ensure a relaxing, feel-good break.

For our massages, soft pack treatments and cosmetics, you’ll have to book an appointment beforehand during our regular opening hours on +49 611 31-7060.

You can also buy premium body care products at the Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme – our staff will be happy to offer advice.

The quiet zone features comfortable loungers in a spacious and relaxing atmosphere.


Partial massage includes treatment of the back, neck and shoulder area. Full body massage includes treatment of arms and legs.
Partial body massageapprox. 25 minutesEUR 33.00*
Full body massageapprox. 50 minutesEUR 58.00**
In aroma massages, skin-caring vitamin oils or essential scented oils are added.
Aroma massage (partial body massage)approx. 25 minutesEUR 36.00*
Aroma massage (full body massage)approx. 50 minutesEUR 61.00**
The relaxing massage also includes a treatment of the face and décolleté with evening primrose cream.
Relaxing partial body massageapprox. 25 minutesEUR 35.00*
Relaxing full body massageapprox. 50 minutesEUR 60.00**
Ayurvedic massages
Ayurvedic Partial Body Massage25 minutesEUR 36,00*
Ayurvedic full body massage50 minutesEUR 61.00**
Ayurvedic full body massage80 minutesEUR 80.00**
The hot stone massage with the hot Hawaiian stones warms the body, relaxes the muscles and soothes the soul.
Hot Stone Massaqe (small)approx. 25 minutesEUR 38.00*
Hot Stone Massage (large)approx. 50 minutesEUR 66.00**

Cosmetic massages

Cosmetic facial massageapprox. 25 minutesEUR 31.00*
Cosmetic foot massageapprox. 25 minutesEUR 35.00*
Small pampering package
+ cleansing, peeling, lotion, facial massage and mask
approx. 50 minutesEUR 68.50**
Large pampering package
+ cleansing, peeling, lotion, facial massage and mask, hand and arm massage
approx. 50 minutesEUR 91.00**

Softpacks are full body packs in a waterbed

Care packs
Aroma oilapprox. 25 minutesEUR 30.00*
Evening primrose oilapprox. 25 minutesEUR 32.00*
Goat butterapprox. 25 minutesEUR 34.00*
Stoffwechselaktivierendes Pack
Algaeapprox. 25 minutesEUR 32.00*
Ganzkörper Meersalzpeeling
Scotsapprox. 15 minutesEUR 26.00*
Zusätzliche Anwendungen
Rasulapprox. 25 minutesEUR 26.00*
Rasul Duo (2 persons)approx. 25 minutesEUR 41.00*
Rasul Trio (3 persons)approx. 25 minutesEUR 51.00*

Oriental steam bath (40 – 42°C), gentle on the heart and circulation, facial and full body peeling with various healing earths.

*half an hour or **one hour time credit