mattiaqua: an initiative for springs, pools and leisure

mattiaqua has a burning passion for hot springs, thermal baths and premium leisure. The regional initiative has been ensuring the highest quality of recreational activities in Wiesbaden since the start of 2008.

The name “mattiaqua” is a homage to the Romans, who named their settlement in modern-day Wiesbaden “Aque Mattiacae” after the Germanic Mattiaci tribe who lived there. The healing and soothing effects of the 26 hot springs were very much treasured by the Romans.

And it’s thanks to this precious gift from nature that Wiesbaden has blossomed into an internationally acclaimed spa destination. The city’s strength lies in the treatment and healing of rheumatic and orthopaedic disorders.

True to this tradition, the initiative run by the City of Wiesbaden aims to transform the rich variety of springs, baths and recreational facilities into attractive offers and places where people can find peace and comfort from start to finish.

Hardly any other city in Europe has such a wealth of opportunities for health and fitness, quality of life and leisure.

mattiaqua expertly manages the city’s thermal heritage to keep everything running smoothly at numerous locations, such as the Opelbad outdoor pool with its magnificent views, the luxurious Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme at the heart of the city and the Thermalbad Aukammtal with premium health and spa services.

The same applies to the Maaraue, Kallebad and Kleinfeldchen outdoor pools, where visitors can get that familiar holiday feeling from spring to autumn at clean and tidy facilities. You’ll also find lots of great offers at the Kostheim, Kleinfeldchen and Mainzer Straße indoor pools.

mattiaqua also owns and manages two leisure areas: Unter den Eichen with a wonderful inventory of ancient trees; and the Rettbergsaue island, an idyllic paradise right on our doorstep. And we shouldn’t forget the many springs and fountains that have put Wiesbaden on the map as a place of regeneration and recovery since Roman times – these water features are also maintained by mattiaqua.