Monday to Sunday 10 am – 10 pm.
Tuesdays are women’s day.
Admission is allowed only from the age of 16.

The ticket office closes one hour and the sauna closes 30 minutes before the end of opening hours.

Normal opening hours on public holidays: 01.05. Labour Day, 09.05. Ascension Day, 19.05. Whit Sunday, 20.05. Whit Monday and 30.05. Corpus Christi

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Booking (Monday – Thursday)

Booking (Friday – Sunday & holidays)

Langgasse 38 – 40
65183 Wiesbaden

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Accessibility by public transport:
Bus lines 1 & 8 to Webergasse.

Traditional spa culture at its finest…

Come and enjoy every inch of an incredibly stylish sauna – from the tepidarium and sanarium to the Russian steam bath, Finnish sauna and tropical freezing rain area.

A thermal spring and stately residence

The historic Irish-Roman baths are surrounded by spacious and captivating sauna facilities spanning an area of ​​1,450 m².

With a tepidarium, sudatorium, sanarium, Russian steam bath, Finnish sauna and stone steam bath, there’s a diverse and interesting range of experiences for every sauna lover. You can cool off in the lavacrum or the tropical freezing rain area.

The carefully considered concept, which was designed by Wiesbaden-based architects Barthel and Zisowsky, is rounded off with a fresh air room (“frigidarium”), a peaceful area with calming lighting (“lumenarium”) and the attractive “Quellenbar” to ensure relaxation, recovery and well-being.

Sauna newbies

If you’ve never been to a sauna before, you should enquire at the ticket office. The employees at the Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme will be happy to give you a brief induction.

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Thermal seat pool

The Wiesbaden spring water can be enjoyed here in two temperature variants: 37° C and 39° C.


Light spots in slowly changing colors on the vaulted ceiling offer particularly deep relaxation in this relaxation room.


The fresh air room serves for cooling and relaxation.

Rest area

Comfortable loungers in a generous atmosphere invite you to linger between sauna sessions.

Russian steam bath

The classic Irish-Roman steam bath with 42° C to 45° C

Finnish sauna

Infusion sauna with an air temperature of 85° C to 90° C and 25% humidity. Infusion every full hour.

Tropical ice rain

For sparkling refreshment, nozzles at shoulder height and in the knee area eject a rain of ice, ice crystals mixed with water.


Special sauna pleasure with the aromas of essential oils and a stimulating play of colored light and an air temperature of 55° C to 60° C.


A cold water plunge pool as well as splash showers and Kneipp hoses offer refreshing cooling.


Here the sauna guest starts his Irish-Roman bath in dry warm air with temperatures between 40° C and 45° C.


The next stage of the Irish-Roman steam bath with a dry air temperature of 50° C to 55° C.

Cold water pool

The historic swimming pool is filled with refreshing water at 24° C. Adjacent to the pool is the game pool with 42° C.

stone steam bath

Heated natural stones are immersed in a cold water basin and cause a continuous increase in air humidity and room temperature from 50° C to 60° C.

Drinking place

In the lower resting area there is a drinking place, which is fed with thermal water from the big eagle spring. Here you have the possibility to drink a small amount of the medicinal water.


Here you can refuel gastronomically.

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