Bathing area
1 October to 30 April:
Monday to Thursday 8 am – 10 pm
Friday & Saturday 8 am – 11 pm
Sunday 8 – 10 pm

1 May to 30 September:
Monday to Sunday 8 am – 10 pm

Sauna area
1 October to 30 April:
Monday to Thursday 9 am – 10 pm
Friday & Saturday 9 am – 11 pm
Sunday 9 – 10 pm

1 May to 30 September:
Monday to Sunday 9 am – 10 pm

Mondays are ladies’ day
Family sauna on the first Saturday of the month.
Mixed sauna on public holidays.

The ticket office closes one hour, the swimming pool and sauna close 30 minutes before the end of the opening time.

Check admission fees…

Thermal bath (Monday – Thursday)
Thermal bath (Friday – Sunday & Holidays)

Sauna (Monday – Thursday)
Sauna (Friday – Sunday & Holidays)

Thermalbad Aukammtal
Leibnizstraße 7
65191 Wiesbaden

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Accessibility by public transport:
Bus line 18 to Thermalbad.

The complete spa experience…

With 4,400 m² of thermal baths, 3,000 m² of saunas and a beautiful park setting, we don’t have to say any more. And with a 435 m² indoor pool featuring neck showers and massage jets… and a 450 m² outdoor pool connected by a swimming channel… anyone who visits Thermalbad Aukammtal just keeps coming back for more!

Warm thermal water eases and relaxes the muscles, and the alternation between warm and cold stimulates the circulation and immune system to boost your general well-being.
In addition, thermal water can be drunk to cleanse and detoxify the body, stimulate digestion, improve the metabolism and support the relief of metabolic diseases. The inhalation of thermal water also has a healing effect – the vapours are particularly helpful for respiratory diseases, such as asthma and bronchitis.

As the thermal springs in Wiesbaden have a high salt content, they can also provide relief for rheumatic and orthopaedic diseases. The brine baths can also be used to cure gout, inflammation and contusions of the sciatic nerve, diseases of the autonomic nervous system, abdominal disorders and diseases of the respiratory tract.

Bathing area

In addition to an indoor poor and outdoor pool, which is open throughout the year, Thermalbad Aukammtal also have a tidy outdoor area with a lawn, a mushroom shower and several quiet zones – it’s the perfect place to spend some relaxing hours. The water temperature in the thermal pools is around 32°C.

The bathing section covers an area of around 4,400 m²: The 435 m² indoor pool has different sections for swimmers (1.80 m deep) and non-swimmers (1.20 m deep). The relaxing visit is rounded off with soothing neck showers, massage jets, sun loungers and an illuminated whirlpool. Daily water gymnastics courses are also held here.

The 450 m² outdoor pool has a depth of 1.20 m to 1.35 m and even features whirlpool loungers. The indoor and outdoor pools are connected by a swimming channel.

Activity pool

The 80 m² activity pool with a depth of 0.90 m to 1.20 m is mainly used for exercise classes, such as the aqua back workouts, pool noodle workouts and Pilates classes in the water.

The activity pool is only temporarily open for general use.

More information can be found in the promotional flyers for the thermal baths and on the notices in the entrance area. Our staff will also be happy to provide more information in person. More information on our current courses can be found in the “Offers and Courses” section.

Sauna area

Visiting a sauna is the ideal way to recharge your batteries. The alternation between soothing warmth and cooling strengthens the immune system, improves circulation and boosts the entire metabolism. It also nourishes the skin and detoxifies the body.

Sweating treatments in specially equipped rooms have been used for millennia – even the Greeks and Romans exploited the healing effects of sweating. Nowadays, saunas are seen more as a Finnish tradition where people sweat in wooden cabins at a high temperature and low humidity.

Thermalbad Aukammtal have some fascinating and unique sauna facilities that extend over an area of 3,000 m², featuring four indoor saunas and three outdoor saunas with various sections.

You can enjoy refreshing breaks between sauna sessions in the therapeutic pool, ice fountain and sensory experience showers – or you can take a dip in the reinvigorating whirlpool.

Outdoor sauna

Fire Sauna

Approximately 70° C to 90° C, relative humidity: 8 to 15 percent, rustic atmosphere through spruce wood and real fireplace


Approximately 70° C, relative humidity: 8 to 12 percent, intensive infusions 15 minutes after every full hour

Cabin sauna (dry sauna)

Approximately 100° C, covered with dark, aged spruce wood

Further filcilities

Covered walkway: connects all outdoor saunas, easy access to the outdoor pool, Tree of the Gods with benches, spacious sunbathing lawn, winter garden relaxation room with panoramic view over Wiesbaden

Indoor sauna

Crystal Sanarium

60° C, relative humidity: 60 percent, alternating crystal light

Finnish Sauna

80° C to 90° C, relative humidity: 8 to 12 percent, Infusions on the hour

Steam bath

Approximately 42° C, relative humidity: 100 percent, changing light


Approximately 70° C to 75° C, relative humidity: 12 to 15 percent, with relaxing sounds, a haymaking tub and flame lights on the walls – an aroma-mental-acoustic experience!


For refreshment between sauna sessions, also heated seats with integrated possibility for foot baths (Kneipp).

Experience Shower

Tropical rain in a yellow-orange light or polar ice rain in cool blue light.


Just as lively as pleasant and relaxing: a bath in the whirlpool between sauna sessions.