Questions and answers about the coronavirus pandemic

Service Hotline for all questions concerning your visit 0611-318006

We intend to gradually open the baths. First of all, we will open the indoor swimming pool in Kostheim and the leisure pool in Mainzer Strasse on September 8. The indoor swimming pool Kleinfeldchen opens on September 14. The thermal bath Aukammtal will remain open. Saunas and steam baths will remain closed in all baths until further notice.

Depending on the situation, there may be restrictions or closures related to the bathroom.

In addition to the “Adult” and “Child” fares, various discounts are available. The original reduction certificates must be presented at the cash desk. The thermal bath Aukammtal has different tariffs compared to the three other indoor pools. The respective tariffs can be viewed at www.mattiaquacard.de .

Children under the age of three are considered to be accompanying parents/guardians and are admitted free of charge.

Admission is possible with a half-yearly ticket or a 5-ticket for the indoor swimming pools as well as with a permanent wristband for the thermal bath Aukammtal.

A mouth and nose protector must be worn from the entrance to the bathroom to the changing rooms or from the changing rooms to the exit. Furthermore, the known distance and hygiene rules apply. We expressly appeal to the personal responsibility and prudence of our guests.

Yes, the toilets are usable.

The changing area can be used in compliance with the applicable distance rules.

Yes, the showers are usable.

Slides and jumping facilities are open. Also the use of water toys is renounced.

Frequently asked questions about e-tickets

The number of bathers is limited for reasons of infection control. In order to control this, all bathers need an e-ticket for a certain day for a visit to the bath. This also avoids long queues for access to the respective pool. A possible chain of infection can be quickly traced through the one-time online registration by name, which is required for ticket purchase.

Yes, there are small contingents at the cash desks for guests without online access. If these are sold out, admission is only possible via e-tickets.

No, there will be no sale of season tickets for the season. Reservations for e-tickets cannot be made either. Based on a specific date and a lead time of only three days, a maximum of five e-tickets per person can be purchased online.

Already purchased mattiaquaCards can be used with the opening of the respective baths. Currently, the sale of the mattiaquaCard is suspended until further notice.

When purchasing an e-ticket, you must register by name once in the webshop at mattiaquaCard.de.

You can buy your e-ticket easily and conveniently at: mattiaquaCard.de

The e-ticket is then available to you as a bar code for your smartphone. Alternatively, you can print out your ticket at home and bring it to the bathroom in paper form. Scanning is done at the entrances. The ticket must be kept in the bathroom during your stay and presented when requested.

E-tickets can be purchased up to three days in advance.

In principle, you can buy a ticket with any Internet access, even via your smartphone. If you don’t have this possibility and you don’t have the help of family, friends or acquaintances, you can contact us at 0611-318006. Together we will find a solution for your visit to the poo

Payment is possible by credit card, giropay or PayPal.

Each customer has a purchasing limit of five tickets per day (for himself and four other persons).

Children from 7 years of age may go alone into the bathroom. However, since the purchase of e-tickets is only permitted to persons over 18 years of age, the e-ticket must be purchased via the profile of an adult person. Children under 7 years of age must be accompanied by a registered parent, who will then book an e-ticket for themselves and the child.

The desired day can be selected a maximum of three days in advance depending on the availability of e-tickets. The number of guests per day is limited depending on the size of a bath. If no e-tickets can be booked in the desired period, the available contingent for the respective bath is exhausted. Please choose another date or bath from the overview.

As long as the booking has not been completed, you can change the day, bath or time window. Once the purchase process is complete, the booking is final. Please check the selected options carefully before you confirm the purchase.

You can decide at very short notice. As long as the contingent is not exhausted, you can still make a booking on the day of your visit. You can also make the booking for the purchase of an e-ticket from your smartphone while on the road and show the bar code on the display of your mobile device at the entrance. However, you run the risk that on a nice day the contingent may already be fully booked.

Purchased e-tickets can neither be rebooked nor exchanged or paid out. If the booked period is not used by you, the e-ticket expires.