A drinking fountain that has shed its foul history…

    One of the most interesting mineral springs in Wiesbaden is the Faulbrunnen at Platz der Deutschen Einheit, where you can open the tap and see the thermal water flow. The Faulbrunnen is currently out of service due to contamination.

    The Faulbrunnen is located a bit away from the Wiesbaden thermal baths. The thermal water here is mixed with ground water. It is therefore the coldest source and reaches the surface at only 18° C to 20° C.

    It owes its name, which translates as the “foul well”, to the previously putrid taste of the water, which was caused by the hydrogen sulphide dissolved in it. This substance was formed by bacteria from iron sulphide, which is dissolved in the mineral water. When the well was restored in the 1960s, the shaft was clad with clay to stop the bacteria from coming into contact with the water and largely prevent the formation of foul-smelling hydrogen sulphide.

    As the water from the Faulbrunnen is thought to have a positive effect on the liver, gall bladder and gut, it can be drunk as a remedy. The new stele at Faulbrunnenplatz was inaugurated in February as both a tapping point and symbol of the city.