The hottest spring in the city – no contest!

    The “Kochbrunnen” fountain on Kranzplatz is not only a prominent landmark in Wiesbaden – it’s also a popular attraction for people who like to look after their health. It’s the most famous thermal spring in Wiesbaden and an abundant source of thermal water, which is said to have a whole range of health benefits.

    The “Kochbrunnen” is one of Wiesbaden’s so-called “primary springs”. Only a small amount of the water supplies the drinking fountain in the “Kochbrunnenpavillon” and the “Kochbrunnenspringer”.

    Most of the thermal water is channelled towards the Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme, where it is pre-treated for use in the city’s thermal baths. Thanks to the thermal water, the Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme and Thermalbad Aukammtal have been accredited as medicinal spas.


    Here we can clearly see the sinter deposits that made Wiesbaden famous in Roman times, when they were used as hair dye known as “Mattiaci balls”. The reddish-yellow layer gets 7 cm thicker every year. It has to be removed regularly to relieve the pressure on the shell-shaped fountain.

    Technical data

    Borehole depth43 metres
    Framework2.00 – 22.00 m below ground
    Extension pipeNPS 250 mm, 22.00 – 42.00 m
    Filter pipeNPS 250 mm below ground
    MaterialRubber-coated steel. First 2.5 to 18 m: cementation; 18 to 19 m: sand counter filter; 19 to 43 m: filter gravel.
    Flow rateArtesian pressure (6-8 bar), 36 m³
    Extracted volume250,000 m³ / year
    Temperature67° C