Adult swimming lessons

The entire swimming pool will remain closed until further notice.

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Hallenbad Kostheim
Waldhofstraße 11
55246 Mainz-Kostheim

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Accessibility by public transport:
Bus line 33 to Uthmannstraße; Mainz bus lines 56 & 57 to Hallenbad.

It’s never too late to learn how to swim…

Our courses will make you a proficient and confident swimmer.

Adult swimming course (crawl)

  • Learn the leg movement without a board
  • Learn simple arm movements
  • Learn and practise your breathing technique while moving your arms and legs
  • Coordinate your movement and breathing
  • Learn the crawl / breathing technique (2, 3 and 5 strokes)
  • Learn the crawl leg technique (board and flippers)
  • Learn how to turn
  • Prepare for long-distance swimming, triathlon or ironman challenge