Aqua cycling courses

The entire swimming pool will remain closed until further notice.

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Hallenbad Kostheim
Waldhofstraße 11
55246 Mainz-Kostheim

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Accessibility by public transport:
Bus line 33 to Uthmannstraße; Mainz bus lines 56 & 57 to Hallenbad.

Strength training in the pool

Aqua cycling boosts your stamina, strength, coordination and mobility – you can train all your muscles while reducing impact and pressure on your joints and spine.

Your lipid metabolism levels are three times higher than during comparable exercise on land. The massaging effect of the flowing water detoxifies and firms up your connective tissue. And most importantly, aqua cycling is a really fun group activity – the water temperature is 28°C and the upbeat, motivating music creates a feel-good atmosphere.

Aqua cycling is suitable for people of all fitness levels – especially for those returning to exercise, people looking to lose weight, people with weak connective tissue, diabetics, people looking to effectively strengthen their cardiovascular system and for competitive athletes. The relatively simple exercises are taught by qualified instructors.

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